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Issue 4/2001
Haberl R
Editorial: New Concepts in Cardiac Imaging
p. 240
Haberl R, Steinbigler P
New Perspectives of Non-Invasive Imaging with Cardiac CT
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 241-243
Schraeder R
Contrast Media Selection in Interventional Cardiology
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 245-248
Harrison JK
Image Quality and Coronary Blood Flow Assessment: The Influence of Radiographic Contrast
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 249-251
Kopp AF, Claussen CD, Heuschmid M, Kuettner A, Schroeder S
New Developments in Cardiac Imaging: The Role of MDCT
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 253-260
Auer J, Berent R, Eber B
Homocysteine and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 261-264
Khan IA
Clinical Manifestations of Aortic Dissection
PDF    Summary   
pp. 265-267
Olariu CT, Olariu L
Current Therapeutic Options in Unstable Angina
PDF    Summary   
pp. 269-274
Santini M, Pignalberi C, Ricci R
Controversies in the Prevention of Sudden Death
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 275-278
Sleiman O, Ghanem W, Murin J
Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors: Do We Utilize Our Knowledge in Heart Failure Patients?
PDF    Summary   
pp. 279-283
Batieha A, Dabbas M, Fraihat M, Hiari A, Jaddou H, Qussous Y
Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty: 13.5 Years of Follow-up
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 285-288
Cugini P, Bernardini F, Cammarota C, Cipriani D, Curione M, De Laurentis T, De Marco E, De Rosa R, Fallucca F, Francia P, Napoli A
Is a Reduced Entropy in Heart Rate Variability an Early Finding of Silent Cardiac Neurovegetative Dysautonomia in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus?
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 289-294
Lupescu G, Lopez Collado A, Lupescu R, Plavat C
The Local Effects of Transdermal Nitroglycerine Treatment in Peripheral Vascular Pathology and in Various Other Diseases
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 295-296
Mueck AO, Heuberger H, Seeger H, Wallwiener D
Comparison of Valsartan With Candesartan on Their Possible Protection From Atherosclerosis
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 297-299
Siddiqui MA, Khan IA
Transgastric and Transoesophageal Echocardiographic Views of Right Atrial Appendage
PDF    Summary    Figures   
p. 301
Letters to the Editor I
p. 302
Letters to the Editor II
p. 302
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