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Issue 1/2012
Grisold W
p. 4
First Recipient of the New EANO Award: Kathy Oliver
p. 5
Weller M
Management of Gliomas: Relevance of Molecular Markers for Clinical Practice
PDF    Figures   
pp. 6-10
Abacioglu U
Advances in Technology in Radiation Oncology
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 11-14
Benit CP, Vecht CJ
Spectrum of Side Effects of Anticonvulsants in Patients with Brain Tumours
PDF    Summary   
pp. 15-24
Grisold W, Oberndorfer S, Windebank AJ
Chemotherapy and Polyneuropathies
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 25-36
Cavaletti G, CI-PERINOMS Study Group
The Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Outcome Measures Standardization (CI-Perinoms) Study: An Answer to the Unsettled Question of Drug-Related Neuropathy Assessment in Cancer Patients
PDF    Summary   
pp. 37-40
Preusser M
Report on a Completed EANO Research Fellowship
pp. 41-42
Sizoo E
Report of the EANO Educational Visit to Austria 2010
PDF    Figures   
pp. 43-44
Hoang-Xuan K, Mokhtari K, Capelle L
Case Report: A 52-Year-Old HIV-Seropositive Patient with Hodgkin's Disease
PDF    Figures   
p. 45
Rössler K, Buslei R, Buchfelder M
Case Report: Rare Cerebellar Tumour in a Young Adult Bulging into the Fourth Ventricle
PDF    Figures   
pp. 46-47
Zwinkels H
Neuro-oncology Nursing in Europe
pp. 48-49
Oliver K
What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You
pp. 50-51
Calendar of Events
p. 52
Ruda R, Sanson M
National Societies: Joint Meeting AINO and ANOCEF
p. 53
Reijneveld J, Enting R
National Societies: Dutch Society for Neuro-Oncology (LWNO)
p. 54
Abacioglu U
Interview with Dr James Perry about the NCIC-CTG Elderly Glioblastoma Trial
pp. 55-56
Weller M
Hotspots in Neuro-Oncology
p. 57
Haynes C
News from the Society for Neuro-Oncology
p. 58
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