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Issue 1-4/2004
Bareza N, Gasser R, Gasser S, Klein W
Editorial: VALIANT, a Whiter Shade of Pale...
p. 1
Gasser R
In memoriam Werner Klein, M.D., Editor-in-Chief, JCBC
p. 3
Winkler D, Kasper S, Konstantinidis A, Pjrek E
Effects of Light-Therapy in Seasonal Affective Disorder – Implications for Treatment of Patients with Cardiovascular Disease
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pp. 5-7
Gasser S, Barth S, Cichocki L, Friehs I, Gasser R, Klein W, Mächler H, Rigler B
Human Myocardial mRNA-Expression of Insulin-Dependent Transmembrane Glucose Transporter is Increased in Human IDDM and Decreased in NIDDM
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pp. 8-10
Blieden L, Fink G, Algom A, Hardoff R, Hirsch R, Klainman E, Kramer MR
Lung Function, Cardiopulmonary Exercise Capacity and Lung Perfusion in Patients with Corrected Tetralogy of Fallot
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pp. 11-14
Gyimes Z, Pavlik G, Simor T
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study for the Comparative Measurement of Cardiac Parameters Between Endurance and Power and Fast-Power Athletes
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pp. 15-18
Sanjuliani AF, Francischetti EA, Genelhu de Abreu V, Ueleres Braga J
Effects of Moxonidine on the Sympathetic Nervous System, Blood Pressure, Plasma Renin Activity, Plasma Aldosterone, Leptin, and Metabolic Profile in Obese Hypertensive Patients
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pp. 19-25
Cichocki L, Bareza N, Gasser R, Gasser S, Hecking C, Klein W, Pilger E
Real Time PCR (Light Cycler) and Quantification of Gene Expression Levels of the Insulin-Dependent Glucose Transport Molecule GLUT4 in Human Myocardium
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pp. 26-27
Shaikh N, Daya SK, Gowda RM, Khan IA, Kundu S
Venacavo-Atrial Renal Tumor
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pp. 28-29
Zohary H, Arastu M, Gallagher J, Tejada L
Unusually High Blood Sugar as a Sign of Acute Myocardial Infarction
p. 29
Gregorini L
Adrenergic Receptors: The Key Therapeutic Target
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pp. 30-32
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