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Grossman R, Ram Z  
Awake Craniotomy in Glioma Surgery

European Association of NeuroOncology Magazine 2014; 4 (1): 27-33

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Fig. 1: Awake Craniotomy Fig. 2A-B: Awake Craniotomy Fig. 3A-C: Awake Craniotomy Fig. 4: Awake Craniotomy Fig. 5: Awake Craniotomy

Keywords: awake craniotomycortical mappingmalignant gliomatumour resection

Awake craniotomy for resection of gliomas aims to balance tumour removal with preservation of function. In this article, the authors provide a comprehensive review that summarizes the most recent available data regarding various aspects of awake craniotomy including the rationale for using this technique, the potential benefit, and the associated complications in the modern neurosurgical era.
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