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Lechleitner M  
Non Lipid Related Effects of Statins

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2002; 5 (3): 205-208

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Fig. 1: Statine - Wirkungen Fig. 2: Endothelzellen - Funktion Fig. 3: LDL - Wirkungen Fig. 4: Plaquestabilisierung

Keywords: KardiologiePleiotropieStatinpleiotropic effectsStatin

In both, primary and secondary prevention trials, statin therapy resulted in a significant reduction of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Statin therapy is associated with a rapid improvement of clinical outcomes, even without angiographic evidence of a substantial regression of atherosclerotic lesions. Clinical and experimental data suggest that the benefits of statins on vascular biology might extend beyond their lipid lowering effects. These so-called pleiotropic effects of statins include modulation of endothelial function, inflammation, coagulation and plaque stability. The contribution of the pleiotropic effects to the clinical outcome under statin therapy is intensively investigated, especially with respect to the role of statins in cardiovascular acute syndromes.
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