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Stoupel E et al.  
Klaipeda Cardiovascular Emergency Aid Services Correlate With 10 Cosmo-Physical Parameters by Time of Occurrence

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2002; 5 (3): 225-227

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Keywords: Angina pectorisKardiologiekosmophysikalische AktivitätMyokardinfarktparoxysmale TachykardieAngina pectoriscardiovascularcosmo-physical activitymyocardial infarctionparoxysmal tachykardia

6,600 cardiovascular emergencies treated during 36 consecutive months at a first aid station in Klaipeda, Lithuania, were compared to monthly intensity-levels of 10 environmental cosmo-physical parameters linked to solar and geomagnetic (GMA) activity, radio wave propagation, ionisation hours of the ionosphere and high-energy (>90 MeV) space proton flux. The study checked possible correlations established in previous investigations between the occurrence and intensity of natural phenomenons and the frequency and time of deaths among hospital patients. Myocardial infarction, angina pectoris attacks, paroxysmal tachycardia, sudden death and, to a lesser degree, stroke all exhibited highly significant correlations with environmental parameters. Rhythm disturbances were highly negatively correlated with solar and geomagnetic activities as well as with radio wave propagation and positively with proton flux (except stroke). For most events, the numbers of cardiovascular emergencies treated at the first aid station correlate significantly with the monthly intensity-levels of solar and geomagnetic activities and of high-energy proton flux. Proton flux was inversely correlated with solar and geomagnetic activities and with radio wave propagation. A negative correlation of solar and geomagnetic activity with some of the studied factors may be attributable to the influences of high-energy space proton flux on the pathogenesis of the studied pathologies.
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