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Haberl R, Steinbigler P  
New Perspectives of Non-Invasive Imaging with Cardiac CT

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2001; 4 (4): 241-243

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Fig. 2: Koronarangiographie - Multislice CT Fig. 3: Bildgebung - Diagnose

Keywords: CT-AngiographieKalzium-ScreeningKardiologieKoronarstenoseMultislice-CTcalcium screeningcardiologycoronary stenosisCT angiographymultislice computed tomography

In the past few years, fast computed tomography evolved as a new diagnostic tool for cardiac diseases including calcium screening and non-invasive coronary angiography. Electron beam computed tomography (EBCT) was for over a decade the only modality to visualize structures of the heart without significant movement artifacts, however, modern spiral CT is a promising alternative: multislice CT allows data to be acquired simultaneously from 4 slices with a fast rotational time. The scanner operates in a spiral mode with the option of retrospective ECG gating. Calcium screening is performed in a single breath-hold without the application of contrast medium. CT angiography requires the administration of contrast medium via an anticubital vein. Protocols for the administration of new high-density contrast media are under investigation. This review article gives the current status of technology, indication and interpretation of results.
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