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Clinical Manifestations of Aortic Dissection

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2001; 4 (4): 265-267

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Keywords: Aortendissektionasymptomatischklinische Manifestationklinische Merkmaleklinische Präsentationschmerzlosaortic dissectionasymptomaticclinical featuresclinical manifestationsclinical presentationspainless

Aortic dissection remains undiagnosed in a substantial number of patients in spite of many remarkable improvements in diagnostic modalities. Although, the most common initial clinical manifestation of aortic dissection is pain, as many as 5 to 15 % of aortic dissections remain painless and result in delay in diagnosis and treatment. The successful outcome in aortic dissection depends on a combination of early diagnosis and prompt treatment, which is based on awareness of the whole spectrum of presenting symptoms. High index of clinical suspicion is the crux of early diagnosis in aortic dissection. Diagnosis of aortic dissection should be considered in patients who present with unexplained symptoms that could be secondary to aortic dissection or its complications, especially so in presence of high-risk predisposing factors. In addition to pain, aortic dissection may manifest with various features of different organ systems involvement. The various clinical manifestations of aortic dissection are elaborated in this article.
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