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Sochman J et al.  
A Free-Floating Right Atrial Thrombus: Playing a Squash Match with Badminton Equipment. An Old Problem Managed by a New Technique.

Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology 2002; 5 (1): 115-117

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Thrombus - Filter
Figure 1A-H: A: Thrombus as a squash ball in the central part of the right atrium. B: At the level of the tricuspid orifice. C: Thrombus grasped by the basket. D: Thrombus squeezed against the atrial wall, breaking up into a smaller part (Tmin) and a bigger part (Tmaj). E: Thrombus compression. F: Final appearance of thrombus after fragmentation prior to thrombolysis. G: Basket resembling a shuttle-cock: open position (the walnut inside is 25 mm in diameter, mimicking the thrombus as described above); see also Fig.1C. H: Compressed position in an opening equal to 13F. BasO= basket opened, BasC= basket compressed, Tmin = smaller fragment of the thrombus, Tmaj = bigger fragment TFrag=thrombus fragmentation

Keywords: AtriumAtriumEchokardiographieEchokardiographyFallberichtFilterFilterfragmentationFragmentierungThrombusThrombus
Thrombus - Histologie
Figure 2: A typical fresh thrombus

Keywords: Histologisches PräparathistologyThrombusThrombus
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