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Montag M et al.  
New Laboratory Techniques in Reproductive Medicine

Journal für Reproduktionsmedizin und Endokrinologie - Journal of Reproductive Medicine and Endocrinology 2013; 10 (Sonderheft 1): 33-37

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Result of an array-CGH analysis
Abbildung 1: This example shows the result of an array-CGH analysis of the 1st polar body from an oocyte taken from a patient with a maternal reciprocal translocation 46,XX,t(5;8)(q22;p11.2). The possibility to detect numerical (loss of a chromatid 15 and 16) and structural chromosomal aberrations (gain of a chromatid 8p and loss of a chromatid 5q) by array-CGH is obvious. Reprinted in part with permission from [Montag et al., J Reproduktionsmed Endokrinol 2010; 6: 498–502].

Keywords: array-CGH
Series of time-lapse images
Abbildung 2: Series of time-lapse images taken from one embryo starting at the 2PN stage (upper left) up to the expanded blastocyst stage (lower right). Images were taken at 19.1, 33.1, 47.1, 70.3, 89.3 and 114.1 hours after ICSI and following transfer this embryo implanted and gave a pregnancy. Analysis of cleavage times and intervals between cleavages allows for subtle differentiation between individual embryos and helps choosing the one with the most synchronous and timed development.

Keywords: 2PN stageblastocyst stagetime-lapse
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