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Instructions for Authors
Instructions for Authors as PDF-file

Instructions for Authors
1. Policy
Austrian Journal of Cardiology is a peer-reviewed (double-blind, 2 peer reviewers/manuscript) open access journal publishing reviews and articles of further education in all fields of cardiology. Manuscripts are accepted for the reviewing process based on the assumption that publication has been consented to by all authors. Submitted manuscripts should not contain material previously published or under consideration for publication elsewhere. Besides publication in the Journal all contributions will be presented on the publisher’s homepage. Upon acceptance of the manuscript the copyright is automatically transferred to the publisher. All scientific contributions are subject to a review process by the editor and/or by external expert reviewers. No fees or charges are required for manuscript processing and publishing.
2. Preparation of Manuscripts
Manuscripts should contain:
- Full title (English and German, no abbreviations)
- Full names and addresses of all authors as well as the corresponding author’s address
- English and german Summary and Key words (max. 25 manuscript lines)
- Well-structured Main Part. Abbreviations have to be explained upon their first mention. Medical drugs are to be mentioned by their “generic names”.
- Conflict of interest: Please specify possible conflicts of interest, relating to the present or the last 3 years.
- Ethical approval: All original research involving human (and animal) subjects must be accompanied by evidence of prior ethics committee approval. Authors must suply evidence of informed consent of research participants (patients).
- References: References are to be consecutively numbered according to their citation in the text using arabic numbers placed in square [] brackets. The list of references should only contain references cited in the manuscript. Journal names must be abbreviated according to Index Medicus and references should meet the “Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals.” [Br Med J 1982; 284: 1766–70].
Regular papers:
1. Hinney B, Wuttke W. Hyperprolaktinämie: Stellenwert der Makroprolaktinämie. J Reproduktionsmed Endokrinol 2005; 2: 278–80.
Book chapters:
2. Mair J, Puschendorf B. Labordiagnostik des akuten Myokardinfarktes. In: Eber B (ed). Myokardinfarkt. Verlag Krause & Pachernegg, Gablitz, 1997; 75–103.
3. Tables, Figures, Video Sequences, Links: - Tables and figures – with their respective legends – are to be consecutively numbered and provided on separate sheets. All abbreviations and symbols must be explained. Figures sent by e-mail have to have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and must be provided as single files in *.jpg, *.tif or *.eps formats.
Figures previously published in other journals can only be re-used with permission from the copyright holder. If fees apply, they have to be fully covered by the author.
- Figures with Video Sequences: Video sequences submitted via e-mail or CD-ROM should be provided as *.avi files, the corresponding freeze frames as *.jpg, *.tif or *.eps files. Points of interest should be indicated by arrows etc.
- The operators of linked sites are solely responsible for their content. In the case of password-protected pages, the provision of the password is the responsibility of the reader.

4. Submission of Manuscripts
Manuscripts should be laser printed on standard DIN-A4 paper with broad margins on both sides and double-spaced. Manuscripts are submitted in single copy to the editorial office. Submission by e-mail is encouraged. A printed copy of papers submitted by e-mail is also required to check for mistakes caused by the data transfer!
5. Proofs
After acceptance of the manuscript for publication the corresponding author will receive a set of proofs for correction. Corrections are to be limited to mistakes due to type setting and proofs are to be returned in due time (2 weeks) to the publisher.
6. Offprints
The corresponding author will receive 10 free copies of the relevant issue

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