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Issue 1-4/2011
Gasser R
Editorial: Myocardial Ischemia and the Immune System: Some Thoughts and Changing Views
pp. 1-2
Atwa HA, Shora H
Glycemic Control Could Reverse Subclinical Atherosclerotic Changes and Normal Adiponectin Levels in Lean Type-1 Diabetic Children
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pp. 3-6
Azza MA, Ragab SH, Ismail NA, Awad MAM, Kandil ME
Echocardiographic Assessment of Epicardial Adipose Tissue in Obese Children and Its Relation to Clinical Parameters of the Metabolic Syndrome
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pp. 7-11
Hoseini SS, Moeeny A, Shoar S, Shoar N, Naderan M, Gharibzadeh SH, Dehpour AR
Designing Nomogram for Determining the Heart's QRS Axis
PDF    Summary    Figures   
pp. 12-15
Gasser R, Pätzold S, Holzwart E, Ablasser K, Kraigher-Krainer E, Friehs I, Lewinski D, Pieske B, Mächler H, Trantiner-Yates A, Tscheliessnig KH, Mangge H, Porta S, Gasser S
Immunological Implications in Experimental Myocardial Ischaemia: MPO (Myeloperoxidase) Expression Is Differentially Regulated by Beta-Blockers, While CD80 Expression Remains Unaffected
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pp. 16-22
Gasser S, Zunko S, Kraigher-Krainer E, Gasser R
White-Coat Hypertension and Socio-Interactive Dynamics: A Case Report
PDF    Figures   
pp. 23-24
Wakonig A, Gasser R
Posttraumatic Cardiovascular Reaction After Triple Post Office Robbery. A Most Unusual Case
pp. 25-26
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