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Sonderheft 1/2011
Special Issue
"50 Years Oral Hormonal Contraception"
Guest Editor: Thomas Rabe (Heidelberg), President, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gynäkologische Endokrinologie und Fortpflanzungsmedizin (DGGEF) e. V.
Rabe T, Friese K
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pp. 5-6
Orland B
Laudatio: Carl Djerassi - Lives in a Lifetime
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 7-9
Benagiano G, Merialdi M
Carl Djerassi and the World Health Organisation Special Programme of Research in Human Reproduction
Volltext (PDF)    Summary   
pp. 10-13
Djerassi C
The Pill at 50 (in Germany): Thriving or Surviving?
Portions of this article come from [1].
Volltext (PDF)    Summary   
pp. 14-31
Frobenius W
"The Rabbits are Prepared ..." - The Development of Ethinylestradiol and Ethinyltestosterone
Reprint from: Frobenius W. A Triumph of Scientific Research. The Parthenon Publishing Group, Carnforth, UK, 1990. Reprint with permission from informa healthcare communications
Volltext (PDF)    Summary   
pp. 32-57
Rabe T, Goeckenjan M, Ahrendt HJ, Crosignani PG, Dinger JC, Mueck AO, Lohr PA, Creinin MD, Sabatini R, Strowitzki T
Oral Contraceptive Pills: Combinations, Dosages and the Rationale behind 50 Years or Oral Hormonal Contraceptive Development
Volltext (PDF)    Summary   
pp. 58-129
Sabatini R, Cagiano R, Rabe T
Adverse Effects of Hormonal Contraception
Volltext (PDF)    Summary   
pp. 130-156
Kuhl H
Pharmacology of Progestogens
Updated version, portions of this article from [1]. Reprinted with permission by Taylor & Francis Ltd.
Volltext (PDF)    Summary   
pp. 157-177
Rabe T, Luxembourg B, Ludwig M, Dinger JC, Bauersachs R, Rott H, Mueck AO, Albring C
Contraception and Thrombophilia - A statement from the German Society of Gynecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine (DGGEF e. V.) and the Professional Association of the German Gynaecologists (BVF e. V.)
Volltext (PDF)    Summary    Abbildungen   
pp. 178-218
Sundström Poromaa I
Estradiol Valerate Combined with Dienogest: a New Concept Contraceptive Pill for Women With a Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
Reprinted from Gynaecology Forum 2011; 16: 10–3 with friendly permission from Medical Forum International BV, The Netherlands
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 219-221
Wildemeersch D
New Technologies for Intrauterine Contraception and Treatment: Design that Fits
Volltext (PDF)    Summary   
pp. 222-226
Nieschlag E
Clinical Trials in Male Hormonal Contraception
Reprint with permission from: Contraception 2010; 82: 457–70. © 2010 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Volltext (PDF)    Summary   
pp. 227-238
Diczfalusy E, Holmberg W, Vejnovic T
Mankind in Search of Humankind or: Tomorrow Will Be Different
Reprint with friendly permission of the authors and the publisher (Medicinski fakultet Novi Sad, Rebublika Srbija)
Volltext (PDF)    Summary   
pp. 239-258
Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use - Fourth edition, 2009, A WHO Familiy Planning Cornerstone. Summary Tables
© World Health Organization 2010 – Reprinted with permission by WHO Press (Permissions Management) Source:
Volltext (PDF)   
pp. 259-264
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